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The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states working together to develop high-quality assessments that give teachers, students and parents information they can use to improve instruction and meet the needs of individual students. The PARCC assessments are well aligned with what students are expected to know and be able to do at each grade level and they serve students who are academically advanced, on grade level, and struggling by identifying where they have areas of need, as well as where they are excelling. Rhode Island administers the PARCC assessments in grades 3-10 in ELA/Literacy and grades 3-8 in Mathematics. Algebra I and Geometry assessments are available for middle or high school students enrolled in those courses. PARCC assessments benefit students, parents, schools, and states because they provide us with information that helps us document student progress toward our learning goals in English language arts and math. We all want the best possible education for all of our children. Analyzing the results of state assessments can help us meet this goal. Results provide parents with valuable information about their student’s and school’s progress and provide school leaders with information that contributes to their understanding about whether classroom instruction is lining up with what students need to know. Results also provide teachers with information they need to improve teaching and learning. Participation in high-quality annual assessments enables all of us to see whether schools and districts are doing all they can to help students succeed. Parents and students deserve to know to what extent schools are meeting students’ needs and where schools need to improve.